Search Engine Optimization and Waht it means

Published: 26th October 2010
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Today I'm thinking about search engine optimization, what in the world is this? There are many different techniques and software's that you can use for SEO and were going to look into this today. Were going to begin with SEO what exactly does this mean to me?

SEO or search engine optimization is exactly what it sounds like. It simply means to make your website more visible in the search engine world i.e. getting on the first page of google (and all other search engines). Now as time has moved on since the birth of the internet in the early 90's millions of websites have appeared if not for fun but as fantastic marketing tools for businesses. Because of this it is a lot harder to get to the top of google than it first seems, SEO is the best way to achieve this result. So shall we look at the different methods of SEO.?

Search engine optimization techniques. Firstly you must find your key words, do a bit of research think what the customer or 'target audience' will be searching for and optimize that so they can find you. With this in mind you can fill in the 'meta data' of your site with the relevant words or phrases. The key with this technique is to not overflow the meta data with everything you can think of as it becomes too generic for google to pick up. Another technique on SEO is quite simply back linking, this is where you can create inbound links to your website through other sources where there is a high amount of traffic. Search engines recognize the amount of good links to your site which helps you reach higher ranks when searched for. Writing blogs is one of these as well as responding to blogs, linking your site within through hyperlinking your name. You can also do this through forums, articles, videos and images. Another way to direct traffic to your site is simply naming images some of your key word phrases for example working at a ironmongery online shop trying to optimize key cabinets, rather than having vague name for the image like the make 'fortress1783' call it 'key-cabinet-fortress-1783' very simple however search engines will pick up on this. So how do you acquire these key phrases for your site?

Search engine optimization software. There are a number of SEO software's out there I would highly recommend Market Samurai. To me this is the god of SEO tools fantastic software enabling you to research keyword phrases giving you information on searches locally and globally as well as traffic for these words and many more. You can also track the rankings of your keywords and phrases using market samurai and not only that it can give you a list of related key words giving you ideas on what else to optimize. 10/10 for this software really a must have when optimising back linking your site. Another great tool to use is social networking creating pages for your websites with updates on what is going on can drive tonnes of traffic towards your site.

Cheap SEO services. If you are too afraid or don't have a clue where to start there are tonnes of website company that provide SEO services with other packages to help you achieve page 1 rankings. All you have to do is google them and I find some 'har har'.

Shona works for a website design company Nineteen to the dozen ltd. Nineteen to the dozen ltd specialises in bespoke websites, virtual offices and SEO services.

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