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Published: 05th August 2010
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People who work for transportation companies, often lift heavy goods. However in quite a lot of cases employees, have not been given the correct training. It is important that any employee lifting heavy boxes understands the correct technique, which they should be using, to lift heavy boxes. The importance of safe lifting is high and employees should understand the implications of incorrect lifting techniques . This article will describe the correct lifting technique and will also explain the type of injuries which can occur, if the wrong technique is applied

Firstly any work which requires the lifting of heavy objects requires training. Manual handling training supplies employees, with the knowledge they need to ensure they execute the correct lifting technique. The back can be injured very easily, if the wrong technique is executed, due to the amount of strain placed on the back. When lifting your legs should be shoulder width apart. To pick up the object from the floor a squat will need to be performed. A straight spine and a straight back should be maintained throughout the squat. When squatting the hips should sit back and the knees should bend over the ankles, in a straight line. Once you reach the object you should remain in the squat position, until you are ready to lift. When lifting the back should remain straight and only the legs should straighten. You should never bend your back or lift with straight legs.

Twenty five percent of all reported injuries in the workplace are caused by incorrect lifting techniques. This is why safe lifting is so important. Many injuries occur in the back. The reason for this being the added strain on the muscles and tendons, surrounding the spinal chord. Back injuries can be an issue in day to day life. Depending on how bad the injury is, movement may become restricted. This may cause problems with daily tasks and hobbies. The knees can also be badly affected, if the incorrect lifting technique is performed. The knees again can become very painful and restrict movement. It is important to look after your body. As you grow older your body becomes more fragile. This making it more prone to become injured, especially if the lifting technique is wrong. This means it is vital to ensure safe lifting is in order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you look after your body as much as you can. When it comes to the workplace however, your employer has some responsibility for your well being and they should be supplying you with the correct training, to ensure you can safely carry out your job. If you feel you need more training, or have not received the appropriate training, in order to carry out your jobs effectively and safely, then you should speak to your employer. You will not necessarily feel the effects of incorrect or bad lifting techniques immediately. It can take months or years for problems to develop. This making it even more important, to ensure you carry out a safe lifting technique.

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